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Bob Bradley

Founder of MD2MD

Bob Bradley is a business leader specialising in running high, value-added service businesses, having run six such businesses as General Manager, Managing Director or Chief Executive.

After ten years as CEO/MD tackling the growth challenges facing three scaled up businesses: a corporate subsidiary, an AIM listed company and a family business, twenty years ago Bob founded MD2MD believing most business leaders prefer to learn, and have much to learn, from the experience of others.

Between then and his semi-retirement in 2022 he facilitated over 800 meetings with over 300 different business leaders gaining a unique insight into what works and what doesn’t.

He now realises how much time he wasted ploughing down dead ends and driving past shortcuts.

His passion is to help others avoid wasting their time by sharing what he has learnt as widely as possible.

He interviews leaders on stage and facilitates strategic workshops. He shares his insights through writing and speaking and has a few private coaching clients.

If you have a business challenge you’d like to discuss with him in private, get in touch. He loves helping real business leaders so there’s no fee for the first chat.

Comments from members:

  • Your workshop sharing thoughts, tips and tools for managing in tough times was the best speaker session I have seen so far – really impressive, thank you.
  • The debates you provoked has helped us move our plans forward with great support from the team. Well done!
  • Always on form!

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