That helps other business leaders like me
by sharing THOUGHTS, TIPS and TOOLS to boost

My goal is to provoke them to THINK differently
And to motivate them to take ACTION

As a result they achieve
(even) MORE SUCCESS (for their business) with
(even) LESS STRESS (for themselves)

Bob Bradley Business Leader

I founded MD2MD in 2004 and after nearly 20 years, stepped back from day to day operational involvement.  I remain a keen enthusiast for MD2MD and the power of peer groups, and of leaders learning from practical experience with and from fellow leaders. I often say that my one hundred year goal is that it will be the norm, not the exception, for a leader to be a member of a confidential peer group that they can use as a sounding board for the challenges they inevitably face.

I AM passionate about the positive impact most SME businesses have on society and fascinated by the challenges adolescent businesses face as they transition from small to medium. Having led or worked closely with the LEADERS of 300 such businesses over the last thirty years I have a BROAD and DEEP understanding of  a wide variety of functions, sectors and industries.

I HAVE MOST expertise in businesses that succeed and grow by delivering consistent quality, service and experience in premium segments, having run five such businesses as Managing Director or Chief Executive. My  last employed role was leading a £16M, 200 person FAMILY business. I was previously Chief Executive of a LISTED PLC where I raised £5M growth capital and grew the business from £4M to £12M in three years through two ACQUISITIONS and organic growth, as well as a CORPORATE SUBSIDIARY where I was responsible for leading 450 staff to deliver £10M profit on £45M revenues.

My dual goals: YOU to be an even better LEADER Your BUSINESS to achieve even better RESULTS

by SHARING what I’ve learnt (and I wish I had known earlier) through EVENTS, WRITING and GUIDING

  • SPEAKING and INTERVIEWING business leaders on stage and leading workshops for audiences of operational business leaders whether independent or as part of a corporate
  • WRITING books, blogs and articles and producing and participating in videos, podcasts and courses to share thoughts, tips and tools about leadership of operational businesses
  • COACHING, mentoring, facilitating and consulting around the leadership of medium sized / scaled / scaling businesses
  • HELPING any organisation set up and facilitate PEER GROUPS of leaders
  • Being chair or board director of entrepreneurial and commercial PURPOSE-DRIVEN organisations especially EO (Employee Ownership) businesses
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My commitment to my clients

I underpin all of my professional services as coach, mentor, consultant or facilitator with two key commitments:

Guarantee of satisfaction

If a client is not happy that the service delivered value and lets me know within a week, the fee will be credited or a replacement session offered.

Support in a crisis

I always endeavour to provide retained clients with the additional support of ‘being there when needed’. If a client is facing a difficult situation, I will endeavour to be available to support. Obviously I may not always be available immediately but I will always do what I can to respond quickly to an urgent request. And the clock doesn’t start running immediately either – there is no additional fee for the occasional brief (5-10 mins) call or message.

Anyone considering using me for the above services, or indeed as speaker, interviewer director, trustee or chair, is strongly encouraged to review my recommendations on LinkedIn.

Fee schedule

I am in the fortunate position of being able to choose to work and who I work for. As such I do not propose for client work unless I firmly believe it offers a return on investment for a client that I want to work for. Similarly, as I work exclusively with senior leaders my fees are rarely more than the opportunity cost of the time of the recipient(s) of those services.

I also want to be transparent and fair to all my clients so I calculate my fees for services such as coaching, mentoring, consultancy, facilitation and interviewing on a consistent basis using the fee table available below and offer discounts for MD2MD members, a long term retainer type relationship and for a commitment to help me raise my profile.