Survive and thrive in difficult times

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 24th May 2023 | Time icon 9.30am - 11.00am
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The deepest recession in history, the highest inflation for fifty years and sky high interest rates….

Well maybe not. The Bank of England have shifted their view on the first and anyone older than fifty knows the last isn’t true.  So not quite so much doom and gloom.  But it is likely to be a tough year or two.

See here Bob commenting upon the futility of placing too much emphasis on economic forecasts!

What an awful time to be leading a business!

Not so says Bob Bradley, founder of MD2MD.  This is the very best time to be leading a business. It’s when the good, smart and agile businesses pull away from their sluggish and complacent  and often larger competitors.

But whilst a positive, can do person, Bob isn’t a motivational speaker.  He’s a practical leader.  He’s led businesses through recessions and more importantly he’s worked, through MD2MD and 121 with over 300 other business leaders as they debated, discussed, challenged and supported each other through at least three recessions,  And he’s noticed the patterns of what works and what doesn’t.


What will be covered?

In this workshop Bob will share with you some of his 19 thoughts, tips,and tools that business leaders need to deploy to Survive and Thrive in difficult times.  A real practical session.  Not about mindset, although that’s a great starting point, but about smart, practical actions derived from real experience.  Actions with the potential to help your business to capitalise upon the tough times, recession or not, and to be in an even stronger position when the economy begins to resume growth – as it will!

Note this workshop is a great complement to the workshop led by Nikki Bush on Reframing disruption to thrive in uncertain times.  Nikki is an expert on self leadership and managing your own mindset when faced by disruption whether economic or otherwise. Great leaders manage themselves and their mindset AND they take clear strong practical action to capitalise upon the opportunity of tough times.

Click here to watch Bob as he shares one key tip in a previous workshop.


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