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Julie Holmes

Having spent nearly 20 years in delivery and leadership of sales, marketing and product strategy, Julie Holmes helped to grow a host of international, multi-million-dollar enterprise tech companies. From startups to behemoths, she knows what works to identify, get, keep and grow the customers that will make a business successful. Julie is also an entrepreneur in her own right as a creator/co-founder of a tech gear start-up that launched in the autumn of 2017.

Comments from Members:

  • Engaging stories – good speaker.
  • Julie used real life examples, the process and systems were useful.
  • Gave examples of easy-wins that I can share with my team.
  • Interactive and involved. Made us think and share idea’s from all levels.
  • Made things simple to understand, liked the examples and anecdotes.
  • Helped me to work through detail to put the workshop content into practice.
  • Understand client journeys differ from what we think the journey looks / feels like.
  • Extremely practical and logical.  The narrative was interesting and relevant.
  • Lots of handouts to help frame / consolidate thinking of discussion.
  • Interaction and participation worked very well. The breakout group and the opportunity to have more in-depth discussion with others was very useful.
  • Julie is incredibly energetic and engaging and I really liked the online system she used for us all to post our thoughts. The workshop validated a lot of thoughts and ideas I already had, and has given me the impetus to put it all into practice.
  •  This talk has given me a fresh way to look at prospects.
  • Loved it, I thought the interactive elements were great well done and thank you for the session.
  • I have considered many of the attributes that Julie mentioned, but hadn’t factored in reference-ability or co-marketing and also hadn’t considered the indirect costs and apportionment of these against a client as we don’t allocate overheads in that way, so that was very insightful.
  • Well put together and brilliantly presented.
  • Great content, presented really crisply and at pace.
  • I love Julie’s presenting style and the way she makes everything fun and engaging. I could listen to her talk for hours!
  • Julie has high energy and keeps the pace – kept my engagement and stimulated my thought processing.
  • Julie’s enthusiasm for the subject matter was infectious. She had be captivated within the first few minutes of the session.
  • It was fun, insightful and gave practical take-aways that can be adopted quickly.
  • Julie was humorous, kept up a good pace without losing us along the way, kept it on time and relevant throughout. I also think she asked meaningful questions and didn’t just get us to interact as a token gesture; it was practical and fed into her narrative so that I felt part of.
  • Julie was excellent, very engaging and thought provoking.
  • The group was a good size and everyone had the opportunity to speak. The speaker was charismatic and extremely knowledgeable.
  •  Lots of good examples, honest and open approach.
  • Julie delivers brilliantly with great enthusiasm.
  • The matrix Julie shared provides really useful insight into a systematic approach to take our products to market. This is definitely something I’ll work through after this workshop.
  • Great presenter, great knowledge.
  • A very current topic, delivered with enthusiasm!
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