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Different leaders and different businesses have different needs and preferences, so just as a gym offers you a variety of machines and classes for your body, MD2MD offers you the range of events and services listed below.

Likewise, as gyms meet the varied needs of their members by offering you a range of membership options, we offer you a choice.

Membership plans
MD2MD Services

Like physical fitness, being a great leader requires ongoing investment

Whether you want discuss and debate leadership challenges with other business leaders or whether you want to  gain some thoughts, tips and tools about how to develop your business from an expert practitioner speaker you’ll find a meeting and probably many to meet your needs.

If you can’t find something you think should be there please ask.  We are always improving our choice of speakers and the events as you give us feedback your needs as an operational business leader.

Leadership Challenge Board

Leaders like you discuss in private how best to deal with real business leadership challenges.

A chance to develop your understanding of business leadership as you share experience and insights.

Most importantly by considering with others like you, different ways to deal with a variety of real live business challenges offered for discussion by the group.

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Speakers and discussion groups

Speaker workshops and webinars are led by world-class practitioners, of a standard rarely available to business leaders in a small group.

Discussion groups are when we facilitate a meeting to draw out the experience, insights and learning from you,  our members. Trending topic discussions cover subjects of current interest whilst Special interest groups are of members with an ongoing shared interest.

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You are, as a member, strongly encouraged to attend our annual conference LeaderFest which is held at a suitable conference venue in or near a major UK city with an airport and rail station to be accessible to all.

This is an opportunity for you to discuss leadership directly with some very experienced and/or interesting business leaders as well as network with a hundred or so business leaders like you.

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Retreat to advance

If you wish to invest time in considering your medium term plans, join our annual Retreat to Advance.

It’s a chance for you to take time out at an inspirational venue to consider where you and your business might be in 5, 10 or even 100 years.

Where are you heading, why you are heading there and how will you get there?

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Frequently asked questions

Is everything on-line?
Am I able to try your services first?
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Any other questions?

You may find them answered on the FAQs page below.  If not, please get in touch by emailing or calling 01865 582 532.

Frequently asked questions
MD2MD provides an invaluable opportunity for me to learn from my peers, for me to road-test my thinking in a safe environment, and for me to keep developing my leadership skills. Adrian Leer
My experience with MD2MD has been extremely helpful in many ways and even more so with the changing business environment this year. I have made many new helpful relationships with all kinds of MD's. Rick Lorenzo
The support and advice from the MD2MD team and peer group has been invaluable to the Practice, allowing us to continue improving and modernising the working environment at GSS. Ian Bray

Informative insights

Expand your leadership knowledge

Read our articles by business leaders for business leaders

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Try a meeting - as our guest

If you are an operational business leader ambitious to be an even better leader and deliver even more sustainable and profitable business growth then why not join MD2MD?

See some really great speakers (read about them here) and to meet fellow operational leaders like you in one of our many meeting formats, which you can read about further up the page.

Core to MD2MD, and our most unique service, are the confidential business leader peer groups.  Groups that meet regularly to compare experiences, consider challenges, share insights and develop their leadership through practical and pragmatic discussion in private.

It’s difficult to understand how powerful these meetings can be if you’ve not experienced one, so why not try a demonstration meeting as our guest and experience the MD2MD process and ethos for yourself?

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MD2MD is for operational business leaders that:

regularly make decisions worth £10k – £100k and sometimes make decisions worth £1M+.

if MD2MD can help them make just one better decision occasionally there will be a return on investment in membership

manage an annual salary bill of £500k to £50M

if MD2MD can help them engage their team just 1% more effectively then then there will be a return on investment in membership

are responsible for developing and delivering strategy.  For ensuring the business is offering the right products and services to the right market through the right channels at the right time!

if MD2MD can help them get their strategy more right more often then there will be a return on investment in membership

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