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As a business leader, you often find yourself in the midst of the day to day operations. It’s challenging to create the headspace for yourself to focus on those details that lead to long-term success. With the help of the community, you can gain perspective on what’s been overlooked, avoid unexpected mishaps by making better decisions that will set you up for the long term.

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Real Challenges Our Members Have Faced


Partner Conflict Management

Relationships are critical to business success. Unfortunately in some instances they can turn negative  and this conflict can be tricky to navigate. As it did with one member and his partner due to performance issues. Having the peer group as a sounding board, he worked out a strategy to tackle the elephant in the room and have the tough courageous conversation.Ultimately exiting him from the business for the good of the business.

In office, virtual or hybrid

The Covid pandemic changed the ways of working and expectations from both employers and employee’s. Members share a common challenge in handling the resistance in return to office policies, and in a particular instance one member stated this was due to performance concerns. Through the peer group session, listening and learning from each other on what worked and what didn’t across their own businesses, successful strategies were put in place with positive results.

A change of leadership

A member had his CEO retire with little notice, catching him off guard. As the MD he stepped into the position however felt isolated without a layer to lean on and validate his thinking with. This was compounded by some big decisions pending in the business with his leadership team and makeup of the employees. On joining MD2MD, he took his challenges to the peer group sessions and engaged with the community. The result was he became more stabilised within his thinking, gained more confidence and felt he had the support to make the tough decisions.

Chairmen dynamic and facing the board

One member had previously been part of a large corporation, before taking his first MD role at a medium enterprise. He found MD2MD supported him in how he adapted his leadership to being ‘part of the team, to leading the team’. In addition understanding and learning the relationship between himself and the chairmen, including navigating the board dynamics was all new territory to him which was supported by his tight knit peer group.

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