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Not always sure on the right strategic decision? Sometimes feels a tad lonely at the top?

We all have your back. A business community ready to help you. That’s MD2MD.

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With a responsibility for achieving long term strategies while maximising operational efficiency, typically in a business employing 10’s to 100’s of staff, you will know business leadership is not easy.

Its a tough economic climate right now and the challenges of running a business keep coming, so its not always easy to know with confidence which is the right decision to make and when, especially for leaders new to the role and facing previously uncharted waters.

Thats why you will be relieved to know, MD2MD is a community where business leaders and their senior teams can tap in to the experience of other leaders and gain insights from subject experts to help you find the right answers just when you need them.

Feel more connected and supported.

Whether you are an experienced leader or new to the role you may have experienced that sense of being isolated when it comes to making the big decisions.

That’s where being at the heart of a leadership community with an ethos of sharing knowledge and experience, can enable you to feel more connected and provide an environment to safely bounce around new ideas and road test your strategies, with peers outside of your own board and leadership team.

Whether you’re seeking support, fresh insights, to be challenged or simply to pick the brains of others, with an amazing community of business leaders as your connections, its all possible.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You are an ambitious business leader, looking to achieve more success for your business
  • You would welcome a strong support community when handling business challenges
  • You recognise the value in being able to continue your own development as a leader
  • You would like to create more valuable connections with other business leaders
  • You like being inspired by diverse perspectives and experiences
  • You value the opportunity to increase your team knowledge and skills
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Nicky Applegarth

Managing Director - Ayima

"Joining MD2MD was definitely a wise business decision; it’s provided me with a network of peers to discuss ideas with and to learn from which in turn has increased my effectiveness as an MD. "
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Diversity of members is our strength

Our community of business leaders come from across a diverse range of industries, experiences, backgrounds and geographies.

That diversity challenges you to see different perspectives, to think differently and stretch beyond the boundaries of your existing experiences and skills, helping you to discover alternative solutions to challenges and further advance your own leadership potential.


Developing your leadership team

Developing leaders

Your leadership team is vital to the delivery of your executive strategies. You will be ambitious to grow your business but to sustainably scale your company without sacrificing your personal life you need to not just develop your own leadership but also grow, groom, and empower your immediate leadership team.

MD2MD help you do this by opening a number of our core products such as our speaker events and a full range of discussion groups for your senior leadership team to book on to as a part of your membership package.

Investing in a good leadership team presents an opportunity to retain employees, increase growth and improve internal processes. Building a team full of high-performing individuals can also help you improve company culture and enhance productivity.

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Why be a member?

Better decisions:

This year.. Like every year you will make thousands of decisions. Each decision has a value to your business. Imagine if you can make more effective decisions or increase your probability of a right decision. What value would that return to your business?

Greater insights:

Placing you at the heart of a leadership community presents many opportunities that will help expedite your strategic and operational thinking through structured discussion and debate with your peers as well as gain fresh perspectives and insights from thought leaders and subject experts.

More connected:

Developing valuable connections with your peers will provide a strong sense of belonging. Always there to support you when you feel challenged and challenging you when you dont, leaving you better prepared to drive your business growth strategies forwards with less stress.

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We would like to offer you the opportunity to trial the product before you make a final decision. Attend one of our meetings with our compliments.

Let me know and I will will be in touch to organise a suitable date. I hope to see you at one of our upcoming meetings.

Jo Luke

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Engaging and learning with our community of leaders at a human level, known as peer-to-peer learning, is at the heart of MD2MD. Through a blended approach of online and in-person groups and events, your membership gives you access to a diverse range of expertise, real-world experience and insights from other leaders who have been through or are going through the same challenges as you.

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MD2MD Membership

At MD2MD we understand that different leaders and different businesses have varied needs. Our membership offers a wide range of events and services to support and develop you and your senior leadership team.

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Our events

Information about the events we offer as part of our membership, both current and historical, can be found on our events page. This includes our regular, international, world-class speaker workshops and webinars.

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