Why join MD2MD?

What is the return you and your business will get from joining MD2MD?

We create structured opportunities for you to discuss and debate leadership challenges in confidence with experienced and practical business leaders like you.

Those discussions enable you to learn from the successes (and mistakes) of your peers and in return they learn from you.  We also provide you with additional insights into best practice in many areas of business through workshops led by international standard expert practitioner speakers.

This process, alongside informal conversations amongst our business leader community helps you to be more motivated, confident and competent as a leader.  As a result you develop even better strategies, make even better decisions and engage and enthuse your staff to deliver even greater performance in pursuit of your ambitious vision.

In short we raise your game; we help you build an even more successful business by being an even more capable leader.

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Benefits to you of being a member

  • Share challenges and refine solutions
  • Benefit from the support and advice of your peers
  • Solutions to real business problems and challenges
  • Broaden your perspective
  • Access to world class speaker workshops & webinars
  • Input from a diverse group of leaders
  • Increased confidence in decisions
  • Gain latest thinking
  • Surrounded by authentic leadership
  • Be a part of a community
  • Its no longer lonely at the top

Confidence, competence and motivation

We are all different.  Different members will highlight to you different elements of the value they get from MD2MD membership.  The majority will suggest you will benefit from two or more of the following:

  • You will feel more confident as a leader and that will reflect in the confidence you build in your team
  • You will learn stuff from fellow leaders that makes you more competent in leading your business
  • You will emerge from MD2MD meetings more motivated and enthusiastic to overcome the challenges we all face in leading a business

Whilst intangible, most leaders realise that improving their confidence, competence and motivation will improve their performance as a leader an  so improve the performance of the business.

Better decisions, greater engagement and smarter strategies

Whilst the benefit of being a more confident, more competence and more motivated leader are intuitively obvious, you may also feel it is a good discipline to assess quantitatively the benefits.  Whilst, as before, each member achieves a return on investment from their membership through a different combination of actions derived from our meetings, the benefit can be evaluated.  As a member of MD2MD  participating in our events you will experience many insights.  Those insights are valuable when you implement them to improve your business – so the value is in your follow through.  Through the results of your actions.  Which is something you can judge.  That is why we offer a trial so please apply.  Attend MD2MD and judge for yourself.  Assess the value by attending and asking yourself:

  • Will MD2MD membership help me to make better decisions?
  • Will MD2MD membership help me to engage and enthuse my staff more effectively?
  • Will MD2MD membership help me to develop smarter strategies?

If, after a trial, you judge that membership helps with the above, the business case is solid because if you qualify for membership:

  • you will be making many decisions worth £10k – £100k regularly (eg a senior appointment) and £1M+ decisions are not uncommonly discussed.  If MD2MD membership helps you get just one of those decisions more right each year, there is a return on investment.
  • you will have an annual salary bill of around £1M – £10M or more.  If MD2MD membership helps you to get your team to perform just 0.1% better, there is a return on investment.
  • strategy will be critical to your success.  The debates, discussions and workshops with real practical business leaders are likely to be of far more value than any advice from expensive strategy consultants. So there is likely to be a return on investment in by comparison to the cost of advice alone never mind the impact on business value of a well chosen strategy.

In summary there is a return on investment if the MD2MD subscription enables just one better decision, just a 1% improvement in engagement or if as a result of seeing the wood for the trees the leader makes a strategic choice that ensures the business is in the right place with the right offer at the right time.


There are a vast number of ways to develop as a leader. Many rely upon the ‘University of Life.’ and some go the route of an MBA. Both have their merits so we look at how they compare.

MD2MD membership

Operational leaders ambitious to achieve even more business success by becoming even better leaders.

  • You meet your group privately for structured conversations about business challenges online and if you choose face to face.
  • You attend open workshops led by top professional speakers sharing best practice on a wide range of leadership topics.
  • You join our annual conference LeaderFest and our annual ‘Retreat to advance’.

Try a meeting - as our guest

If you are an operational business leader ambitious to be an even better leader and deliver even more sustainable and profitable business growth then why not join MD2MD?

See some really great speakers (read about them here) and to meet fellow operational leaders like you in one of our many meeting formats. (See full details here)

Core to MD2MD, and our most unique service, are the confidential business leader peer groups.  Groups that meet regularly to compare experiences, consider challenges, share insights and develop their leadership through practical and pragmatic discussion in private.

It’s difficult to understand how powerful these meetings can be if you’ve not experienced one, so why not try a demonstration meeting as our guest and experience the MD2MD process and ethos for yourself?

Apply to join a demonstration meeting

MD2MD is for operational business leaders that:

regularly make decisions worth £10k – £100k and sometimes make decisions worth £1M+.

if MD2MD can help them make just one better decision occasionally there will be a return on investment in membership

manage an annual salary bill of £500k to £50M

if MD2MD can help them engage their team just 1% more effectively then then there will be a return on investment in membership

are responsible for developing and delivering strategy.  For ensuring the business is offering the right products and services to the right market through the right channels at the right time!

if MD2MD can help them get their strategy more right more often then there will be a return on investment in membership

More about the value of MD2MD membership