or a Senior Management Development Programme?

Ways to develop as a leader

There are a vast number of ways to develop as a leader. Many rely upon the ‘University of Life.’ Which has it’s merits. The idea of the ‘University of life’ is what MD2MD is built upon. It’s all about learning from experience and whether we can learn more quickly and be more successful more quickly if we learn from the experience of others – repeating their successes and avoiding their mistakes.

Another way is to study for an MBA – that can be a great experience. Our Chairman and some of our members have MBAs. But it takes a year or two of your life, up to £75,000 and some MBA courses are more suitable for consultants and city types than for practical leaders.


How does MD2MD fit in?

In corporate life potential Managing Directors get sent on a Senior Management Development Programme such as that at Harvard. Again a great course if you are available to go away for 6 weeks and the company can afford £35,000.

Both of the above are well proven and successful routes to business leadership. But they are not right for everyone. Many real world business leaders find they can’t spare the time or the money. And they aren’t that interested in learning the latest thinking from academics either.

Which is where MD2MD fits in. The essence of MD2MD is learning with and from your fellow leaders. You learning from their practical experience and them learning from yours. And learning in bite sized chunks one practical day at a time. The table below compares and contrasts MD2MD with a business school senior management development programme.

Business school programme

  • Appointed’ Managing Director
  • 4 – 6 – 12 weeks at Institution
  • One chunk
  • Then back to real work
  • Cranfield, Manchester, LBS, Harvard, Insead, Warwick
  • Learn from Academics
  • Latest management research
  • £10,000 – £100,000 course fee


  • Managing Director emerges 
  • One practical day at a time
  • Ongoing, continuous improvement
  • Long-term game changer
  • Local area
  • Learn with real business leaders
  • Practical tips from experience
  • Monthly subscription

You’ll find MD2MD a place where you can gain ideas on how to drive the success of your business and to develop your thinking on difficult and sensitive challenges. A place where your peers offer you advice based on invaluable, real world experience. A place where you gain satisfaction from contributing your own knowledge to help others.

All in all MD2MD is a place for those with a common aim; to inspire outstanding leadership performance and develop world class businesses.


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