A force for good

MD2MD is an diverse international community.

Diverse leaders working together

  • to be even better leaders
  • so their businesses are even more successful,
  • so the economy improves and society benefits
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Valuing different perspectives

Back in the 1970s, Professor Meredith Belbin identified that the strongest teams are not the most intelligent, the most interpersonal or indeed anything at all.  He concluded that the strongest teams are those that are most diverse.  They may argue more but through their disagreement they see the full range of perspectives, the full range of angles on a debate … and reach a better conclusion.

We all know our sector and how it works … and usually have many contacts within it. The value of MD2MD membership is meeting with a diverse group of fellow leaders.  They may work in a different country or sector; perhaps within a different ownership structure or operational scale, or maybe they are a different age or career stage. They may also be diverse in the more usual sense. We work hard to recruit a members who are diverse in every way.  Click the button for more on our diversity policy.

Whatever their situation their role is to provide alternative perspectives whilst understanding and empathising with the challenges you face as the leader who ultimately has to make the difficult decisions and drive the success of the business!  Of course if you already know all the answers and don’t value alternative perspectives, then MD2MD is not for you.

Encouraging diversity

Purposeful business

MD2MD members believe that great businesses are a force for good in the world and great leadership benefits the world.

That isn’t to say businesses and their leaders shouldn’t earn a fair reward for doing a good job. Even charities pay their chief executives well.  Simply that the right way of earning reward is by solving problems for people, communities and the world.

Businesses that start with the goal of making money tend to create a win:lose culture which leads to behaviours that we believe will ultimately cause them to fail, especially in today’s aware world.

By contrast businesses that start by identifying a need in the world that they can address, and address better than others, tend to attract customers who are delighted to pay, sometimes handsomely, for a solution to their need and indeed attract staff who enjoy and gain satisfaction beyond salary from going the extra mile in making that solution happen and delighting the customer.

The MD2MD manifesto

Try a meeting - as our guest

If you are an operational business leader ambitious to be an even better leader and deliver even more sustainable and profitable business growth then why not join MD2MD?

See some really great speakers (read about them here) and to meet fellow operational leaders like you in one of our many meeting formats. (See full details here)

Core to MD2MD, and our most unique service, are the confidential business leader peer groups.  Groups that meet regularly to compare experiences, consider challenges, share insights and develop their leadership through practical and pragmatic discussion in private.

It’s difficult to understand how powerful these meetings can be if you’ve not experienced one, so why not try a demonstration meeting as our guest and experience the MD2MD process and ethos for yourself?

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MD2MD is for operational business leaders that:

regularly make decisions worth £10k – £100k and sometimes make decisions worth £1M+.

if MD2MD can help them make just one better decision occasionally there will be a return on investment in membership

manage an annual salary bill of £500k to £50M

if MD2MD can help them engage their team just 1% more effectively then then there will be a return on investment in membership

are responsible for developing and delivering strategy.  For ensuring the business is offering the right products and services to the right market through the right channels at the right time!

if MD2MD can help them get their strategy more right more often then there will be a return on investment in membership

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