Online membership

This plan is for you if your goal is to raise your game as a business leader and develop your team so that you can take on more and bigger challenges… Or retire!

Leadership team online membership

Online plan - £295 p/m

Online Peer Group meeting

With this plan you and your immediate leadership team gain access to a range of online speaker-led workshops, webinars and briefings as well as meetings to share insights with fellow members on topical issues and with others who share a specific special interest. You also get a place at our annual LeaderFest conference, for either yourself or your immediate leadership team and you get a place at our members’ Retreat to Advance – a chance to develop and refine your medium term plans with the help of your fellow members.

You, the business leader, also gain the opportunity to join one of our highly valued online Leadership challenge board discussion groups. Through regular private meetings of your group you get to know and work with a small group of fellow members who provide independent advice, challenge and support to each other on real practical leadership challenges.

Online peer group meeting and speaker workshops

Your fellow members become almost like a board of non-executive directors but without the formality and legal baggage. Their only responsibility is to give you their honest input in exchange for you reciprocating for them.

Membership of these groups is though optional as joining a group requires you to commit to attend regularly (every 6 weeks) as the value of these meetings results from members being present to support and challenge each other.

This membership pack is delivered primarily online which most members find time and cost efficient. Some members though prefer the more in-depth relationships and more effective learning that results from face to face meetings. We therefore offer a higher level of membership that blends the effectiveness of in-person meetings with the efficiency of online meetings. Read more about our Blended membership plan here.

With this plan you, the business leader, gain access to:

… and you and your immediate senior management team gain access to:

MD2MD Blended membership

Being a member

Our community of leaders relies heavily on you being invested along side your peers and being committed to raising your own leadership as well as helping your peers do the same. Consequently membership is always at will. Whilst we would prefer you give us, and your fellow members, notice and exit gracefully, you can leave at any time without notice.

Likewise you are never tied to your current plan. If you value the effectiveness of face to face meetings and possibly social time with fellow leaders you might be interested in upgrading to our premium Blended membership plan.

If you would like to discuss changing your membership plan in any way, please contact us via email: or phone 01865 582 532