Special interest groups

Business leader and Leadership team packages include attendance at all special interest groups.

Special interest groups

Special interest groups

A cross between leadership challenge boards and trending topics discussion groups, our special interest groups (SIG) bring together members who have a common interest on an ongoing basis.

Our groups may be based on sector, on role, on ownership model, according to a common challenge or indeed by any ongoing shared interest where members have a keenness to discuss.

We will run as many special interest groups as members are willing to attend. As such the number of groups may vary and change over time. Examples of groups envisaged include Manufacturing SIG, Professional firm SIG, Finance directors SIG, Family owned SIG and a VC backed pre-revenue SIG.

Special interest groups are a chance for members to meet, share and discuss challenges relating to an area of shared interest. They meet as often as guided by members of the group.

Attendance is open to all with Business leader memberships or Leadership team memberships. Special interest groups are not available to speaker only members.

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