Personal and Executive Assistant Special Interest Group

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Objective of group

This is a confidential safe space to discuss challenges faced by Personal and Executive assistants. We recognise that the role covers a massive spectrum and whereas if you work in marketing you just deal with marketing, you are generally working across the business and very often on your own. This is a role which involves being a strategic partner in the business and rather than a training session we discuss real-life challenges and hopefully come up with some solutions with and for you.

This is a safe space to discuss any challenge that you may be facing.

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Discussions at last meetings

The session so far this year have had strong participation and great feedback. The subject matter has been set by the participants, with added stimulus from the Group manager and Facilitator fuelling the session.
During these sessions we have covered the following topics:
  • How to say no!
  • Transitioning to a new role
  • Travel planning

This group is run by

Jo Luke

Having previously worked in a variety of environments, both in the public and private sector and owned her own businesses, Jo is well placed to empathise with the challenges that the multitasking role of a PA or EA demands. Jo is proud to be facilitating the PA & EA discussion group for MD2MD.

Emma Phipps

Emma is Managing Director for MD2MD, an exclusive community of operational business leaders ambitious to achieve even more business success by becoming even better leaders. Emma has been with the company for nearly ten years and has been a part of its pivot to online during the pandemic and its continuing growth. She is passionate about MD2MD being a diverse, empowering community, that is a force for good, for its members, team, partners and indeed the entire business community as a whole.

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This group meets online on Thursdays from 2.00pm until 3.30pm.

The 2024 meeting dates are: 8th Feb, 11th Apr, 30th May, 25th Jul, 3rd Oct and 28th Nov.

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Upcoming workshops that might be of interest

How music can help us to better understand mindfulness, control our mental health and care for our wellbeing.

This hands-on session will see participants working with traditional mindfulness practices, guided musical meditations, and open conversation about how mindfulness through music can improve your personal situation.

We shall explore how these practices can help us relax, manage stress and anxiety, and calm our busy minds. This practice is all centred around helping you gain more control over your personal wellbeing, mental health, and happiness.

This session is being led by Will Crawford of quietnote.

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Change Your State, Change Your Fate: a mental training special!

Throw on your metaphorical lab coats and goggles and begin experimenting with speaker, psychologist and consultant, Ross Anderson. Explore several psychological exercises that will awaken each attendee to the power of their minds and motivate them to take control and realise their potential, personally and professionally.

Learn about:

  • The speaker’s story of transformation
  • What mental training is
  • What state shifting is, the benefits & why it is important
  • The conditions required to hack your psychology
  • Psychological practices to govern your emotions effectively
  • The Neuroscience of habit formation
  • Implementing it in real life & more
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Insights, books and podcasts


Sometimes it’s the simple insights that are the most powerful. We all have the same amount of time but it’s what we do with our time that counts, so time management tips can go a long way for anyone. This insight shares tips from the Time Queen Robyn Pearce.

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Read the CEO’s Secret Weapon by Jan Jones to learn how great leaders and their assistants can maximise productivity and effectiveness in their workplace.

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You may have wondered how to say no to a not-so-great request from your boss. Listen to this podcast to find out how.

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