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Objective of group

This is a confidential peer board dedicated to challenges leaders face when making decisions relevant to B2B marketing practices and strategy. The objective for the meetings is to focus on the specific area of B2B marketing and to exchange ideas and best practice relevant to achieving the greatest return on marketing investment.

The B2B buying process is more complex than its B2C counterpart and characterised by a multi-step buying process, longer sales cycle, and often more than one decision maker.

Best practices in B2B marketing are driving primarily by building relationships and trust between buyers and organisations. The number of communication channels have increased with the arrival of digital media, including social networks, blogs, video, email and websites, to name but a few.

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Discussions at last meetings

Our recent sessions have had strong participation and great feedback. The subject matter has been set by the participants, with added stimulus from the Group manager and Facilitator fuelling the session.
Latest meeting summary:
As ever, this session stimulated a wealth of interesting views and ideas from participants across a range of business sectors.
The core subject area centred around the brand and what techniques and strategies are best for building authority and value. Furthermore, how sustainability and CSR can all add brand value.
Is there a role for influencers in B2B marketing, is trade print media past its sell by date and how to make the most of video as part of a content building strategy, are just some of the other subjects we discussed and dissected.

This group is run by

Glyn Lloyd

Glyn is a marketing and advertising professional with over 35 years experience working on leading B2B brands, both in the UK and internationally. Glyn forged the early part of his career working for some of the UK’s biggest advertising agencies, and until his ‘semi-retirement’ at the end of 2021 was the founder and MD of Northstar, an award winning marketing consultancy in Manchester which he founded in 2000.

Emma Phipps

Emma is Managing Director for MD2MD, an exclusive community of operational business leaders ambitious to achieve even more business success by becoming even better leaders. Emma has been with the company for nearly ten years and has been a part of its pivot to online during the pandemic and its continuing growth. She is passionate about MD2MD being a diverse, empowering community, that is a force for good, for its members, team, partners and indeed the entire business community as a whole.

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This group meets online on Tuesdays from 9.00am – 10.30am.

The 2023 / 2024 meeting dates are: 19th Sep, 28th Nov, 9th Jan, 5th Mar, 30th Apr, 2nd Jul, 17th Sep and 29th Oct.

If you are interested in joining this group, please either book via the event page or email meetings@md2md.co.uk


Upcoming workshops that may be of interest

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• Unconvinced of the key drivers to having an effective marketing function?
• Hesitant of the relationship between sales, marketing, social media & your brand, and how it all pieces together to positively grow your business?

In this workshop, we will demystify marketing.   Attendees will understand the inputs that produce an effective marketing function, how it pieces together, and how all the parts contribute to business success.


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