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Objective of group

As a facilitated peer group discussion, this is a chance for you to learn from each other ; from real leaders not experts. You’ll have the chance to share ideas and experiences with one another while we explore any difficulties you decide to bring to the discussion. The aim is that attendees will have a better understanding of employee ownership. Whether it’s a greater comprehension of the advantages of employee ownership for your business or the realities of running an already-existing employee-owned enterprise.

Don’t pass up this excellent chance to learn more about employee ownership!

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Discussions at last meetings

During our most recent session we covered the following key topics:
  •  Empowering Employee Representatives: Clear terms of reference and understand their value to the organisation and how that value fits into the wider business process working with and alongside line management
  •  Training employee representatives to be able to fulfill their roles well. For trust board employee representatives that might include training on the role of a director
  •  The role of the staff forum and the overall employee communication structure and process
  • The challenges involved in how the EO model works in the tough times that every business faces from time to time
  • Making employee ownership especially visible through arranging a whole package of non salary benefits such as staff discount cards, cycle and electric vehicle schemes, and similar.
  • Educating staff to understand business. Most understand revenues but many don’t understand gross profit or net profit. An understanding of both, and cash is helpful in building effective engagement, especially when difficult decisions need to be made.
  • Recognising different forms of employee ownership can work. Many work through an indirect trust, but direct share ownership also works, as can a type of extended MBO where shares and share options are owned by all employees rather than just the management team.
  • Having an employee ownership structure that is parallel to and linked with the organisation so that it can also be a mechanism to encourage and facilitate sharing of best practice between different departments and locations within the organisation.
  • The EO model as a way of enabling continuity to protect and sustain the culture of the organisation following the exit.In our next session we will expand and feedback on some of these subject areas.

This group is run by

Bob Bradley

Bob, founder of MD2MD, is a specialist in running high value added service businesses, having run five such businesses as General Manager, Managing Director or Chief Executive. He is now following a portfolio career providing entrepreneurial business leaders with mentoring and coaching around business leadership, business growth, merger integration and exit planning.

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The 2023 / 2024 meeting dates are: 21st Nov, 6th Feb, 11th Jun, 3rd Sep and 26th Nov

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