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Leadership challenge board

The leadership challenge board can be thought of as a peer group for business leaders. It’s a structured meeting, managed by an MD2MD facilitator and a group manager. We deliver both online and in-person versions of the meeting.

The meeting follows a process designed to enable members to share any challenges they may be wrestling with at the time, with other business leaders. Group members will explore the challenge with insightful questions to really get under the issue. They then present you with a range of potential solutions that can inspire fresh thinking to take back and implement into your business.

The leadership challenge board meeting is strictly confidential to create a safe space where a business leader can discuss their most tricky challenges with independent peers they know well. They are there to support you when you need it and challenge you when you don’t.

Joining a group requires the member to commit to regular attendance as their contribution is critical to the value for others. You are there to help other leaders with their challenges, as much as they are there to help you.

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Chris Hobbs

Managing Director - Satellite Applications Catapult

"The challenge sessions with my peers always provide insight and actionable approaches to problems that vex me and other C-levels. MD2MD challenges you to be the best leader you can be and never disappoints. "
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Membership packages

Depending on your membership package, the leadership challenge boards are held both online and in-person.

Online meetings are held 8 times per annum and last 90 mins.

The in person meetings are held 4 times a year and are a part of a full day meeting including a half day leadership challenge board and a half day speaker workshop.

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