Leadership challenge board

The core of the MD2MD community.

MD2MD in-person meetings

Leadership challenge board

The leadership challenge board can be thought of as a peer group for business leaders. It’s a facilitated meeting of regular members where any business challenge you are wrestling with can be shared with other business leaders. Leaders who work through these challenges with you to help provoke new ideas, challenging your thinking and inspiring you on.

The conversations are managed through a structured process that encourages constructively challenging questions and positive insights to help you to choose the action appropriate for you from the wide range of views expressed.

The leadership challenge board meeting is strictly confidential to create a safe space where a business leader can discuss their most tricky challenges with independent peers they know well.

Whilst these MD to MD group discussions are the core of MD2MD, they are optional as joining a group requires the member to commit to regular attendance as their contribution is critical to the value for others.

Membership packages

Depending on your choice of membership package, the leadership challenge boards are held both online and in-person.

Online meetings are held 8 times per annum and last 90 mins.

The in person meetings are held 4 times a year and are a part of a full day meeting including a half day leadership challenge board and a half day speaker workshop.

Take a look at the full membership packages for more information.

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