What is Hybrid Working – the new normal?

Prior to the COVID19 crisis, what is hybrid working was not so much a common question within the business world. Yet, now we see more and more businesses transitioning to a more remote way of working – and to many the benefits go further than just to keep people safe from the virus.

This article shares some of MD2MD’s members’ thoughts with regards to offering their staff a hybrid approach to working. They discuss how the role of the office will change, how business leaders may have to alter their style of management and much more. The article will also share some tips on how to deal with the sudden change to the way your business may need to be run.

What is hybrid working?

Hybrid working is a significant topic at the moment for a lot of organisations. Yet, it is just one of a number of challenges which business leaders like you are likely to be wrestling with. Our community of business leaders at MD2MD use the power of our Peer Group discussions to raise and discuss exactly these sorts of challenges to gain a range of insights and experiences from the other members in the group.

Some of the points which will be covered in this article about are:

  • Why you may consider remote, flexible working
  • Economic benefits from remote working
  • How to adapt to home/office working
  • How to manage your team effectively when working remotely

Written by Bob Bradley, founder of MD2MD.