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Mark Sears

Mark is a serial disruptor who has worked at the cutting edge of purpose-led change for 20 years. As Global Head of Group Brand Strategy at the Virgin Group he co-authored the ‘Virgin Rising’ strategy that successfully guided and supported 200 Virgin businesses through the last global recession. More recently he brought together the biggest UK conservation organisations as The Wild Network to ‘rewild childhood’. Together they co-created the award winning documentary film Project Wild Thing which has been seen by a global audience in excess of 1.5 million.

He combines his expertise in purpose-led brand building with his experience leading collaborative change programmes and a unique perspective on leadership, change and creativity – inspired by nature. He works with courageous entrepreneurs and pioneering organisations as a speaker, mentor and facilitator.

Comments from members:

  • Very good content
  • Encouraged free thinking.  Passionate about change.  Full of integrity.
  • New insight in branding.
  • Great! Really useful thoughts on innovation process.
  • Passion fabulous, content very pertinent to me.
  • This really got me thinking and challenged my current beliefs and methods.
  • Enjoyed the views on what builds a brand.  Great talk.
  • Enjoyed it and good speaker.
  • Excellent, inspiring and engaging
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