A proven peer network for business leaders

The government through the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is investing £20 million to improve small businesses’ management, productivity and problem-solving skills at this crucial time in the UK’s economic recovery.

Operating since 2004, MD2MD is a well established and well proven Peer Networks Programme that helps business owners like you improve problem-solving skills. If you join MD2MD you will get the chance to discuss real business challenges such as managing cash, developing staff, finding new customers and using technology to adapt a business model. Discussions that are all the more important when facing the uncertainty and unpredictability of the coronavirus crisis. Membership will help you maintain and develop your confidence, competence and motivation as you tackle these challenges head-on whilst growing your business.

As Small Business Minister, Paul Scully, said:

“I know from my own experience of running small businesses just how valuable the advice and experience of experts and peers can be when you are looking to grow your company.”

“The strength of small businesses up and down the country will be vital as we begin to bounce back from coronavirus and re-build our economy. These schemes will help equip small business leaders with the leadership, resilience and problem-solving skills they need to grow their firms in the wake of this pandemic.”


Risk free trial and membership terms

Trial membership

Joining is easy – If you qualify and value membership then we want to help show you the value of being a member.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to trial the product before you make a final decision. As long as you meet the criteria we would extend the opportunity of attending a guest trial meeting which we run on a regular basis plus attend an online speaker-led workshop, all with our compliments.

Our guest trial meeting is designed for us to demonstrate the power of peer groups and for you to experience at first hand how the meetings work.

Once you’ve experienced MD2MD membership for a month, start paying a monthly subscription and continue as a member for as many years as you wish.  With MD2MD there is never any legal tie.  Members are there because they want to be.  The fact that some stay for years, decades even, is testament to the value of membership.

Try us out!