Speaker insights.

This entry level membership plan offers you the opportunity to join our online speaker-led workshops, webinars and briefings.

Online Speaker-led workshops

Speaker insights membership – £225 p/m

This plan enables you to develop your leadership competencies using thoughts, tips and tools shared by our world class speakers in our regular small group interactive workshops.  As a member you will find that the speakers, who are of a standard rarely available to business leaders in a small group, and the discussions with fellow members, combine to provoke you to think a bit differently and to motivate you to act to improve your business.

What’s included in the speaker insights membership package?

Attendance at our annual conference LeaderFest is available to speaker insights members for £495 + vat and places at a Retreat to Advance are available to speaker insights members for £995 + vat.

Free your time and scale your business by developing your team

The biggest and most important long term challenge for most business leaders is developing their team.  We therefore recommend you choose the “Leadership team Online” or “Leadership team Blended” membership plan.  These plans allow you to involve members of your senior leadership team in developing themselves and their thinking alongside you.

“Those that plan the fight don’t fight the plan”

Not the package for you?

This speaker insights membership plan does not include any online peer group meetings or in-person group meetings. If you like the idea of being a part of a leadership peer group to discuss the business challenges you may be wrestling with, then you may be interested in one of our other membership plans.

We only want you as a member if you are committed to raising your leadership game through being a member of MD2MD.  Consequently membership is always at will.  Whilst we would prefer you give us, and your fellow members, notice and exit gracefully, you can leave at any time without notice. Likewise you are never tied to your current plan.  You can move to an alternative option at any time if that better suits your needs, again preferably with notice so the relationship with fellow members is sustained, but that is your choice.

If you would like to discuss changing your membership plan please contact us via email: membership@md2md.co.uk or phone 01865 582 532.

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