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High impact interactive expert speaker-led workshops, webinars and special interest groups are curated and facilitated by MD2MD to provide maximum value to all members and their senior teams. Covering a range of topics to give you immediate takeaways for your business.

*Should you be considering joining MD2MD, you’re welcome to attend one of the events on us to see the value for yourself.


Events Schedule

January 2022

Getting a grip on time—tips and tricks to manage time even when everything’s topsy-turvy!

location icon Online | location icon Wed. 12th January 2022
Time icon 9:00am-10:30am

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How to stay fit to lead in 2022

location icon Online | location icon Wed. 19th January 2022
Time icon 09:30am-11:00am

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Heavyweight conversations – making the calls only a director can make – part 1 & 2

location icon Online | location icon Wed. 26th January 2022
Time icon 9:30am-5:30pm

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