The core ethos of MD2MD is leaders learning with and from fellow leaders. So whilst MD2MD is a form of leadership development a large part of the value comes from sharing practical experience. And that is enhanced by getting to know each other and sharing the ups and downs on each others business leadership journeys.

And rather than an intensive course, MD2MD meets regularly for one day at a time following the ‘Aggregation of marginal gains’ approach. (More detail below) For many business leaders that is more manageable than being away for a block of time. And we feel learning a little at a time, then returning to the business and implementing it, is a better learning process too.

Aggregation of marginal gains

We apply the same principles to developing business leadership. We believe that the regular input of bite-sized learning is much more practical, affordable and, most importantly, effective than the traditional 1 week, 2 week or 6 week leadership programme, or 1 year / 2 year MBA.[/infobox]