LeaderFest Interviewees

Who is on stage this year?

This years program promises to be as inspiring and thought-provoking as always. There will be chance to explore leadership insights, experience and stories through a panel of interviewees and speakers and as always the floor will be open to questions.

Hilary Briggs - Business Consultant and Team GB Champion Triathlete

Once described as “Britain’s most exciting woman executive under 40” by Business Age Magazine, Hilary trained as an engineer before her corporate career with Rover Group, Whirlpool Europe, and Laird Group plc.

Frustrated by corporate politics, she switched to working with SME’s as a consultant and Director, including Managing Director of Gardasoft Vision Ltd, and Operations Director for the Low Carb Food Ltd.

In the last six years, she’s got into triathlons, transforming herself from low-grade amateur to member of the Team GB Age Group team. She won Bronze in the 2022 World Championships and is the current British and European Champion.

Hilary was the winner of the 2022 PSA’s Speaker Factor Emerging Speaker of the Year contest.


Sir Eric Peacock - Serial Entrepreneur

Sir Eric is a Serial Entrepreneur and a Plural Chairman operating in multi sectors. Having run businesses in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, America, France and Japan.  He is a visionary board leader who supports leaders in realising their potential and through a collaborative and outcome-oriented approach.

Sir Eric was the Founder of Babygro Plc, a business he took public to a full Stock Exchange Listing by way of his exit.

He is currently Chairman and has raised significant investment finance to assist growth in the following companies:

Bango Plc,Buckley Jewellery Ltd,Kingfisher Beer Europe Ltd, Hawkins and Brimble Ltd, Luxury Briefing Ltd and Stevenage Packaging Ltd.

Within the charity sector Sir Eric also Chairs Big Cat Sanctuary and Paradise Wildlife Park the latter being an open zoo whilst the former focuses on endangered big cats. Both are involved in the International breeding programme, conservation, return to the wild and education.


Richard Boon - CEO - Webmart

At the age of 31, Richard achieved the senior leadership position at Webmart just a week before the first lockdown. Faced with a global pandemic and a business on the cusp of expansion, Richard has since led his team to evolve Webmart into a purpose-led and award-winning Sustainable Marketing Agency.  Webmart is a £20m international business that works with retailers, e-commerce brands, gaming publishers and charities, with clients such as Microsoft, Nintendo and The Cotsworld Company. He also forged the way for Webmart to become amongst the first 1000 B Corporations in the UK, certifying that Webmart meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. Webmart joins a global movement of people using business and profits as a force for good.


John Hayns - After lunch speaker

John Hayns is a speaker and entertainer. His MAGIC Formula is for you and your team.

He performed his first magic show at his own sixth birthday party.

He learned to eat fire whilst studying engineering at St John’s College, Oxford University, learned to escape from a straitjacket while working for a church in London and is a former Chair of The Magic Circle.

He has been running businesses and leading teams in various settings for the last 30 years.

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Brian Craig - Managing Director - Indium

Founded in 1934, Indium Corporation is a long-standing US based family business. It is an advanced materials company mostly focused at Electronics Assembly Industries.

Brian has been with the business 30 years, he started in Technical Sales in the UK, then Europe where he developed a rudimentary Continental Sales Channel Partner network.

He then moved to headquarters in New York to become Corporate Programs Manager, a Multi functional / training position where he was involved in:
• Marketing Communications
• HR challenges
• Product Management
• Technology licensing
• New Factory set-up, Europe and Asia
• General Management Team functions.

He subsequently returned to Europe as MD to develop marketing strategy and optimise the factory with full P&L responsibility and currently manages the European team of 35 employees.  He is a Fellow of the Institute of Sales Management (FISM).


Bob Bradley - Interviewer

After ten years as CEO/MD tackling the growth challenges facing three scaled up businesses: a corporate subsidiary, an AIM listed company and a family business, twenty years ago Bob founded MD2MD believing most business leaders prefer to learn, and have much to learn, from the experience of others.

Between then and his semi-retirement last year he facilitated over 800 meetings with over 300 different business leaders gaining a unique insight into what works and what doesn’t. He now realises how much time he wasted ploughing down dead ends and driving past shortcuts.

His passion now is to help others avoid wasting their time by sharing what he has learnt as widely as possible.

He interviews leaders on stage and facilitates strategic workshops. He shares his insights through writing and speaking and has a few private coaching clients.

If you have a business challenge you’d like to discuss with him in private, get in touch. He loves helping real business leaders so there’s no fee for the first chat.

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George Anderson - Compere

George is a regular and very popular, engaging speaker for MD2MD. For 20 years now, George has helped individuals to take more action so that they can thrive in their lives. After graduating with a masters degree in engineering George followed his passion for wellbeing and performance, becoming a personal trainer and coach. Described as a ‘motivational speaker meets high performance trainer’, George’s sessions inspire audiences with a down to earth, ‘progress not perfection’ approach, and equips them with the practical tools and strategies that will have an immediate and lasting impact on their lives.

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Florian Lehmann - Chief Sales Officer - KWC Group

Unfortunately due to last minute notice with Florian catching Covid he will not be unable to attend.  He will however be on our line up for next year.