Email Best Practices – An update

Earlier this year, Jim shared with us the techniques he had developed for managing the vast volume of emails he, like most Managing Directors receives.

I summarised his advice on email best practices here: Email best practice for Managing Directors

In July, our guest speaker is Euan Semple, who will be working with us to understand how businesses can, especially in the current recession, use social networking to build their business.  Browsing though his site in preparation for that session I was interested to see he has his own top ten tips which I summarise below.

1. Don’t Check Mail Every Few Minutes.

2. Get rid of the rubbish first

3. Act Now

4. Have a system

5. Be brutal

6. Use the Subject line to get the reader’s attention.

7. For info emails use formal language and end messages with “No Reply Needed” to discourage responses.

8. Don’t reply to every message

9. As much as possible, reply only to the sender.

10. If someone you know sends you messages you don’t want (like hoaxes or jokes), ask them very politely to stop.

Written by Bob Bradley, founder of MD2MD.

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