Army Leadership Traits

Army leadership traits such as integrity, accountability, selflessness and adaptability are valuable qualities for effective leadership in both the military and business. Adopting these traits can help business leaders build trust, foster teamwork, make better decisions and improve overall performance.

A speaker who has spoken for MD2MD before, Mike Southon, shared numerous ‘simple’ tips about leadership, management and enterprise. As always it’s the simple things that are the best and often the ones we realise we don’t always do.

So here are three army leadership traits which are simple ideas that he attributed to his podcast interview with Sir Philip Trousdell:

He makes a clear distinction between:

  • management, which he says is about getting everything organised properly
  • leadership, which he thinks is about taking people further than they think they can go

He suggests that good leaders have three key characteristics:

  • Clear vision – they know where they are leading people
  • People person – They understand people and the way they behave
  • Consistent – People know what to expect and where they stand

He further suggests there are three things a good leader does:

  • Ask good questions
  • Listen carefully
  • Give clear instructions

Written by Bob Bradley, founder of MD2MD

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