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Hilary Briggs

Once described as “Britains most exciting woman executive under 40” by Business Age Magazine, Hilary studied Engineering at the University of Cambridge before her corporate career with Rover
Group, Whirlpool Europe, and Laird Group plc. Her early career in Production Management exposed her to a high-pressure environment, especially as a female in a male-dominated sector. This led her to develop strategies to handle overwhelm, which she’s continued to develop during the last 20 years as she’s worked with SME’s as a consultant and Director.

In the last seven years, she’s got into triathlons, transforming herself from low-grade amateur to member of the Team GB Age Group team. 2023 saw her win Gold the European and Silver in the World Championships and has given her additional experiences in handling overwhelm.

Hilary is the winner of the 2022 PSA’s Speaker Factor Emerging Speaker of the Year contest.


“I was excited following Hilary’s session as I realised how I could apply all the hard-won lessons from my life to improve my work and organisation. Hilary gave me the blueprint to do this.”                                                

Member of Cardamom Growth Academy Group

“Hilary put together her experience of breaking through as a triathlete with understanding business… How to achieve the big picture through a whole series of small goals – and at the same time maintain calmness. Great talk!”

Marcus Orlovsky, Director, Bryanston Square

“Hilary was absolutely brilliant. I loved her story about coming from engineering, understanding about focus and systems, and how she’s applied that to not only becoming a triathlete, but also developing high performing businesses and teams.”

Kym Hamer, Director, Artemis Futures International Limited

“The Everyday Banking Platform at Lloyds Banking Group recently enjoyed Hilary’s Overcoming Overwhelm session. She has a huge amount of practical experience and the attendees rated it 4.8 out of 5, our highest rating this year.”

Dawn Gibson, Colleague, Communications & Engagement Manager at Lloyds Banking Group

“Highly delighted to have had Hilary present the seminar for our Chester group. She’s very knowledgeable – I have no reservations in recommending her…”

Simon Edmondson, Co-Host of the Business Network Chester

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