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Hilary Briggs

Hilary Briggs has over 35 years of experience working in start-ups through to multinationals and has spent much of that overcoming the overwhelm that often accompanies the combination of multiple issues. An engineer by training, Hilary learnt how to analyse and break problems down. She has held Senior Management positions at Rover Group, Whirlpool Europe, and The Laird Group and was Managing Director of Gardasoft Vision Ltd, and Operations Director for the Low Carb Food Ltd. She has also worked as a consultant to improve performance of a wide variety of businesses.

Hilary works with client companies to clarify their strategic plans, map out key improvement projects and can provide hands-on or project management support to ensure they are implemented. She also has a range of interactive workshops for Senior Management Teams with popular topics including “Overcoming Overwhelm”, “Chaos to Calm” and “How are you doing? A blueprint for achieving high performance.”

Hilary is also an intervieweree at MD2MD’s Annual Conference LeaderFest, for further information click here.



“I was excited following Hilary’s session as I realised how I could apply all the hard-won lessons from my life to improve my work and organisation. Hilary gave me the blueprint to do this.”                                                

Member of Cardamom Growth Academy Group

“Hilary put together her experience of breaking through as a triathlete with understanding business… How to achieve the big picture through a whole series of small goals – and at the same time maintain calmness. Great talk!”

Marcus Orlovsky, Director, Bryanston Square

“Hilary was absolutely brilliant. I loved her story about coming from engineering, understanding about focus and systems, and how she’s applied that to not only becoming a triathlete, but also developing high performing businesses and teams.”

Kym Hamer, Director, Artemis Futures International Limited

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