Overcoming overwhelm (webinar)

location iconOnline | location icon Wed. 17th August 2022 | Time icon 9:30am-10:30am

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As a manager and leader – is your organisation or team:

  • Facing cost pressures from all directions?
  • Struggling to recruit or retain staff?
  • Battling to improve productivity?

…leaving you wondering where on earth to start?

The challenge…

The really frustrating thing is that any one of the issues on their own, whilst tough, is solvable. The challenge lies in them all hitting at once. Sounds familiar?

Change your thinking…

In the interactive webinar “Overcoming Overwhelm”, Hilary will draw on her diverse business experience in UK and internationally, including the male-dominated auto-industry, clarified by the learnings from her journey into triathlon over the last six years that have seen her move from low-grade amateur, overcome a major Achilles injury and qualify for the Team GB Age Group team.

What will be covered?

  • Understand the causes and so establish clear priorities and focus
  • Identify short term actions for you and the organisation to get control – and not be a source of overwhelm for your team!
  • Set out longer term actions for you and the organisation to mitigate the risks of overwhelm in the future

Whilst the challenges themselves may well take some time to work through, the shift in your thinking and how you feel about them can make a world of difference: you are in control, rather than events controlling you. The bottom-line value add comes from you then being able to drive the improvements in a managed way.


  • Checklist to help you recognise when you are entering dangerous overwhelm
  • Proven techniques to get back in control, including your own state
  • Models to help visualise the overwhelm situation, the desired outcome and route to it 
  • Practical ways to increase the resilience of you and your organisation

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This event is led by

Hilary Briggs

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