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As you’ve discovered on the government sponsored Peer Networks programme, it’s no longer lonely at the top when you share your challenges with business leaders like you.

Make time to save time

Most business leaders are busy… flat out. It’s inevitable. It goes with the job. If the business does ever run smoothly, the leader is busy driving the next opportunity.

The difference is that the smart business leader recognises that it’s easy to spin your wheels. To rush around fighting fires rather than working out who’s lighting them and why.

The smart business leader takes time to pause, think and talk to others. Learning from the successes… and mistakes of others saves time!

You, the operational leader

MD2MD members are operational business leaders like you.

Leader. Your primary role is to engage and enthuse a team in driving towards a shared vision. You probably have a team of tens or hundreds.

Operational. Your primary challenge is managing sales, marketing, operations and development to efficiently and effectively deliver the right balance between profit now and investment for future growth.

Ambitious. You are ambitious to achieve more success for your business with less stress for yourself.

Humility.  Whilst competent and confident you have the humility to realise you can be even better and have the desire to be so.

Commitment.  You are committed to investing in continuous improvement for you and your business.

Your meetings

Confidential peer challenge board. Business leaders like you debate how best to deal with real business leadership challenges: a very useful sounding board for the person facing the challenge and a chance for you all to develop your thinking on leadership.

Speaker led workshops. Led by world-class practitioner professionals, of a standard rarely available to business leaders in a small group, share best practice and provoke you to think and act differently.

LeaderFest conference. A fantastic chance for you to hear first hand the leadership thoughts of some very experienced and interesting business leaders whilst discussing all things business with a hundred or more business leaders just like you.

Retreat to advance. A great opportunity to take time out in an inspirational venue to consider where you, and your business, might be in five, ten, twenty or a hundred years. Why you want that and how you’ll get there.

Apply for trial membership

Join us and continue the journey with business leaders like you

MD2MD is delighted to offer suitable* participants in the government sponsored Peer Networks programme the opportunity to join the national and international MD2MD community for a trial period until 30th June 2021, with our compliments.
Join up, try a meeting, explore how we work. If you like what you experience, join a group, meet them, see our speakers and then make the following assessment:
Do you believe MD2MD membership will help you make even faster, even more informed decisions, engage your staff even more effectively, implement even better, even more considered actions and develop even smarter strategies?
If so, progress to a full member and get the return on your investment.

* Suitable means the right person attending for the right reasons.  The right person is as described above.  The right reason is to drive even more business success by being an even better leader. Whilst revenues are important to your business, you are not attending to generate leads from fellow members and whilst knowledgeable you recognise you have as much to learn from them as you have ideas and insights to offer them.

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Your business results

Faster, more informed decisions. You make many decisions worth £10k, £100k or more. If membership helps you get those decisions more right more quickly more often, there is a return on investment.

Clearer, more engaging communications. You have a salary bill of £1M – £10M or more. If membership helps you to engage your team more effectively and they perform just 0.1% better, there is a return on investment.

Better, more considered actions. You are facing some tricky and costly choices. If considering alternatives with people who see things differently helps you clarify your thoughts and act quickly there is a return on investment.

Smarter, more coherent strategy. Rapid growth creates strategic choices. If debating strategy with real practical business leaders rather than consultants helps you take more of the right opportunities at the right time in the right way there is a return on investment.

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Adrian Leer

Managing Director - Triad

"MD2MD provides an invaluable opportunity for me to learn from my peers, for me to road-test my thinking in a safe environment, and for me to keep developing my leadership skills. "
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