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Adrian Leer

Company: Triad

Role: Managing Director

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Personal Profile

Adrian has been in post as Managing Director for around 2 yrs. Prior to that Adrian was Commercial Director at Triad, following a successful phase as General Manager of Triad’s Zubed Geospatial Division. Triad is a technology services provider, specialising in digital transformation. They are fully listed on the London Stock Exchange.Their model comprises internal consultants augmented by a fleet of carefully chosen associates. 

Prior to Triad, Adrian enjoyed a short spell at Pettifer Group, as Group IT Director and before that spent 13 years working for Avon Cosmetics in a variety of roles including Head of the UK Distribution Centre and ultimately as the IT Director for Western Europe, Middle East and Africa. Adrian is passionate about achieving change through people, and is interested in learning from peers about their own experiences in the role of MD/CEO and how that differs from other positions in organisations.

Triad Group plc

Triad Group plc is a fully integrated IT services company established in 1988 and providing resourcing, consulting and delivery solutions to organisations across the UK. Triad help their clients generate business benefits from their investments in technology, whether that is by providing expertise, capacity or specific solutions. Adrian’s role is to ensure that Triad identify and deliver outstanding products and services for their clients whilst maximising value for shareholders.

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MD2MD provides an invaluable opportunity for me to learn from my peers, for me to road-test my thinking in a safe environment, and for me to keep developing my leadership skills.

Adrian’s reason for joining MD2MD

Bob first approached Adrian via LinkedIn just as he changed roles from Commercial Director to Managing Director of Triad. Adrian took the offer of a phone call with Bob and then joined MD2MD. He says that he decided to join MD2MD because he lacked of experience in his new role. He also mentioned the loneliness of this position and wanted to work with some like-minded peers to increase his confidence in the role.

Value achieved by joining MD2MD

Adrian says that the speaker and peer challenge boards bring different value. He says that the speaker workshops are particularly helpful as they provide a platform for discussion which brings his team together to discuss key topics.

Adrian goes on to explain how he can apply much of what he learns from speaker workshops within his company. He used René Carayol’s workshop about diversity and inclusion as a good example and said that he got many useful tips from this session which he has started to implement  within his company. Also, he and the team have significantly improved the new-starter onboarding process thanks to one of the speaker workshops. He says that what he and the team have learnt has become a core component of Triad’s recruitment processes. Adrian believes that having the online speaker workshops works well as he can hear and interact with a wide variety of speakers and include his colleagues from various geographical areas. 

Adrian explains that the peer challenge boards enables him to discuss specific situations with others and as a result he can learn how others might approach these situations. Adrian also enjoys offering his perspective to other members and describes the peer challenge boards as ‘two-way’ which he finds inspiring and motivational.

Adrian's Video Testimonial