MD2MD Team Here Today

All the team are here to ensure our attendees have the best experience at today’s event.

Bob Bradley


Bob founded MD2MD in 2004 after leading 3 substantial businesses and finding peer group membership invaluable. He has worked closely with over 300 leaders and has a broad and deep understanding of Operational Business Leadership. He handed on MD2MD operational leadership to create time to share as an author, stage interviewer, speaker, coach, mentor and facilitator.

Read more about Bob’s current activities here.


Ben Pike

Executive Director:

Ben has worked in various Managing Director roles in high growth, large scale (c. £300m) educational businesses over the past 20 years. He is currently working with MD2MD, Knovia, MasterStart and Paragon Skills. Ben enjoys the challenges of driving commercial return and delivering positive social impact. His family and faith are what matter most to him.


Emma Phipps

Managing Director:

Emma has been with MD2MD since 2014 and was part of its pivot to online during the pandemic and its continuing growth. She is passionate about MD2MD being a diverse, empowering community that is a force for good, for its members, team, partners and indeed the entire business community as a whole.


Jo Luke

Business Development Director:

Jo is our Business Development Director welcoming new guests to MD2MD and guiding them through the joining process. She ensures that they gain maximum value and understanding of the benefits our community can offer to their own personal development and that of their senior team. Bringing together business minds from a cross section of sectors to debate and exchange ideas for mutual benefit adds tangible value and drives forward business development and growth.


Claire Ebbs

Member Manager:

Claire has been with MD2MD since 2012 and is a key point of contact for members and their team. She coordinates and manages the logistics of all meetings and events both online and in person as well as being in control of invoicing. Claire is always happy to assist with any queries from the MD2MD community.


Andrew Spink

Group Manager:

Andrew joined MD2MD as a Group Manager following his recent early retirement from the De Vere Group, now operating as Village Hotels. He has been a member of MD2MD since it’s beginning and brings with him a wealth of experience in Leadership and Mentoring from being accountable for 4 Hotels.  He is also a mentor for the Institute of Hospitality.


Dominic Marlow

Group Manager:

Dominic manages our Mergers & Acquisitions Special Interest Group. He has a strong corporate background working in areas such as financial risk management, modelling and analytics and strategy.  For the last 16 years he has run his own business working specifically with SME’s planning. Dominic is very much an advocate of business owners taking external advice so MD2MD sits very comfortably with this ethos!


Edi Coser

Edi is helping out the MD2MD staff on the day. Edi is a young and aspiring entrepreneur, he loves to understand different perspectives and to learn from others who have the knowledge and expertise to excel. He would love to have a conversation with anyone who would be happy to give him 5 minutes to explain what it really takes to run and manage a company.