Our line-up:

Interviewees at LeaderFest 2021

Sarah Perry, Wright Hassall

As a disputes litigator passionate about first class service, along with being a rare female leader of a substantial law firm, Sarah has some interesting insights into ‘how to get the job done’ as a leader.

Mark Berrisford-Smith, HSBC Chief Economist

The Head of Economics, Commercial Banking, HSBC UK will share some thoughts about where the economy is going and debate them with the business leaders in the audience.

Gordon Graylish, former VP Sales – Intel

With over twenty years global experience in Sales and Marketing with Intel, Gordon is one of the world’s leading innovators. For this reason he is well placed to share some thoughts on the culture and behaviours that enables leaders to sustain success.

Ben Pike, CEO MasterStart

Experienced leader of education businesses who, over a 10 year period built the UK’s largest tech apprenticeships business and started the careers of over 25,000 apprentices.

Cameron Rathwell, HSBC Corporate

Cameron will share thoughts from his own experience of leadership as well as those he has seen successful leaders exhibit when completing large deals and working with their bank.

Bob Bradley, MD2MD

Herder of cats, Managing Director and interviewer of great leaders at LeaderFest, Bob will endeavour to draw out the best thoughts, tips and tools from the leaders interviewed as a Parkinson not Paxman style interviewer.

Tom Bouchier, Fanuc UK

Thirty two years, working his way with one company from the very bottom on the shop floor to running the UK arm of the world’s largest robotics manufacturer Fanuc. Tom is a champion of manufacturing productivity and is challenging the UK to up it’s game in the new normal of the mid 2020s onwards.

Andrew Spink

For forty three years Andrew worked his way up with one company, starting from the very bottom serving in hotels. In the end, Andrew was made Regional Director running six large hotels for the Village chain, meaning he is a pro at customer service, amongst many other things of course!

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