Zen Leadership: A Japanese Roadmap to Wellbeing and Success

“We need vibrant, healthy, energised, resilient leaders, now, more than ever!”

Celynn Morin shared with our members her five transformative lessons that she learnt in Japan.

Learn to supercharge your team’s wellbeing and leadership with Celynn’s top tips below.


Remember the power of joy, gratitude and coherence as techniques for better stress management.


Understand the power of self-awareness and self-regulation and specific, practical mindfulness techniques to help you stay effective.


Learn how to manage different emotions; do not suppress negative emotions so that you don’t have poor health outcomes.


Understand how to really harness an abundant diet and gut health to boost immunity as well as mental, emotional and overall physical wellbeing.


Look at how you can use different forms of nature in order to help with stress regulation and neurogenesis.

If you are interested to find out more about this workshop that includes reflective questions, peer discussions and clear calls to action then feel free to reach out to Celynn via the links below or email any of the MD2MD team who can put you in touch.

Let’s collectively create teams and businesses that are vibrant, energised, healthy and resilient!

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