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Celynn Morin

Celynn Morin, the Wellbeing Whisperer, is a qualified dietitian, author of two books and workplace wellbeing consultant. She has a practical and playful approach to helping people enrich the quality of their lives. Celynn
does that by helping them connect their mind, heart, body and spirit in a way that supports their wellbeing. She is an accredited HeartMath coach and Embodiment facilitator. She has a keen interest in the field of epigenetics and gut health. Celynn has received a professional speaking fellowship and has a unique style that includes a joie de vivre rooted in curiosity and celebration.

Comments from members:

  • The interactive nature was really helpful and it was a very useful and insightful presentation – no changes needed!
  • Celynn has a very zen-like approach which helped me to “get in the zone” from the outset and I enjoyed the amount of content she shared, and the way she shared it to encourage personal reflection.
  • Good mix of interaction and slides together with real-life examples.
  • Really helpful – great slides with pictures and great champagne and other analogies – loved hearing about kintsugi art Felt it was an appropriately balanced session considering it was online and in the time available.
  • Celynn is a very measured speaker with a well constructed presentation very rich in content. All of the content is relevant, works really well together in the time constraint, is well planned and thought out. She is one of the best presenters I have seen in the zoom format.
  • I felt totally different even after just this 1.5 hours. So continuing these practices is something I am going to focus on daily. And to actually take time for myself. Although I have read up on wellbeing, not really in depth, I hadn’t continued to practice it in real life. So now I want this to be a real focus. I’ll also look to find anything that Celynn has published because I’d love to read further.
  • I liked Celynn’s approach and style, it felt more personable and made it easy to interact with her.
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