The one real challenge of time management

Recent speaker Robyn Pearce shared a number of time management tips with MD2MD members.

Time management is an interesting and challenging subject to discuss with experienced business leaders, as many of the best techniques for effective time management are actually quite simple. Indeed, Robyn received some criticism for this.  However, most people rated her highly as she facilitated good conversations around the techniques, and most importantly gently challenged people as to whether they were actually putting into practice the theory they so eloquently discussed.

The same dichotomy existed in my mind. I had heard of most of the techniques that Robyn shared before. However, discussing them in detail with my fellow managing directors caused me to realise that knowledge is not enough; it is putting into practice the knowledge that makes the difference.  There were so many areas where I could see that my productivity, efficiency and effectiveness would be improved by actually deploying the techniques that I already knew and that Robyn was reminding me of. So the message of this article is really very simple:

You probably know how you should be managing your time to be more focused, more efficient and more effective… So why aren’t you doing it? What one thing do you need to do better tomorrow… or today? JUST DO IT – FROM NOW!

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Chris Hobbs

Managing Director - Satellite Applications Catapult

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Written by Bob Bradley, founder of MD2MD

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