Survive and thrive with automation and AI

Jamie Claret is an accomplished professional in the IT industry with twenty-five years of experience across all areas of IT. He held an MD2MD session recently where he shared his advice to business leaders on how to survive and thrive in the new, ever-changing environment of automation and AI.

Not sure where to start with automation and AI in your business? Read Jamie’s top tips below.


The more you can educate yourself, the board, team members, department managers and directors with what is going on with the world, the more they will feel involved and the more understanding and agreement they will have of the business changes that are going to happen.


Look at your business and think about the processes you could automate. Also have a look at the data with which you can use AI to understand and analyse.


Once you have the above information, figure out how you can implement the changes so your company can gain from the benefits of automation and AI.

You can watch Jamie Claret’s top tips video for yourself here.

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