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Jamie Claret

Jamie Claret is an accomplished professional in the IT industry with twenty-five years of experience across all areas of IT. He is the owner and Director of Amazing Support (a multi award winning Managed IT Service Provider) and his latest venture is Autonomate (an AI and Automation business specialising in the Mid-Market). His expertise lies in leveraging technology to streamline processes and optimise efficiency for medium-sized businesses but with a single-minded focus on customer service and speaking only in ‘human’!

At Amazing Support, Jamie has carved out a unique niche by focusing on customer-centric IT support services. His philosophy is built around customer first, exceptional communication and everyone in the business taking personal responsibility for outcomes. Amazing Support prides itself on offering stellar customer service and IT support to medium-sized businesses.

Jamie’s latest venture, Autonomate, showcases his commitment to making business operations more efficient and giving mid-sized business the advantages that Enterprises have enjoyed for years. Autonomate is a disruptive player in the Automation and AI sector, providing the tools and benefits of AI and Automation at a price point and approach designed specifically for mid-sized companies. Autonomates services include Automation and AI for admin, legal, operations, finance, sales, HR, marketing, and many more.

Jamie loves to share his insights on how automation and AI can transform the way mid-sized businesses operate and is passionate about educating and enabling you and your teams to use automation to do the mundane stuff so you and your team can focus on what you are passionate about.

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