Social Media Marketing and Successful Seminar Selling – Part 3

Having taken everyone through the process of understanding some of the human behaviour relating to seminars, and what we need to consider when planning an event, the business leader members of MD2MD were taken through how to present the marketing material.

When dealing with mailing letters, Philip recommended;

  • The first thing a potential delegate should see when opening the letter is their name – spelt correctly!
  • Dear John or Dear Sue should be hand-written.  Or, if this is not possible you can search Google for ‘hand written font for word’.
  • The envelope should be hand written.  People associate hand written envelopes with good things!
  • The headline should be just 1 line; a question in italics and speech marks.
  • The body of the letter should include the benefits of attending the seminar, and what they will miss out on if they don’t.
  • Buzz words to include in the letter should include; free, discount, proven, secrets, profits, revealed and because.  Do not use these too often in email, however, as they will be picked up by spam filters.
  • For paper communications only, the best font to use is Times New Roman.
  • Make sure letters do not turn up on a Monday as they are less likely to be read.
  • Add a p.s at the end.  That will be the second thing they read, and should be no longer than 1 line long.
  • Include a line showing what other people do (bearing in mind people like to follow people); “majority of attendees pass this letter to…..”

Philip then recommended we hand over the completed letter to a copy writer.

In addition to the letter, you will also need to include an application or registration form.  To make them more appealing, you could include words like YES at the top, priority registration form and include tick boxes.  Another incentive to include is offering your delegates a 100% money back guarantee.

Written by Bob Bradley, founder of MD2MD

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