Leadership vs Management – The thoughts of business leaders

Great quotes from the inspiring business leader interviews at LeaderFest 2014.

Bernard Cook

  • Leadership is not the same thing as management.
  • You can teach management; you can’t teach leadership.
  • Recruit people who share your purpose first and have the right skills second.
  • I didn’t do it. I brought in a Chief Executive – She did it!

Kevin Morley

  • Leadership needs focus.
  • If you have a gift it’s your duty to use it.
  • What drives me? I just do things. They come to me.
  • Why do you do so much? I’m just not very good at saying “No”.
  • The most important thing in decision making is speed.
  • The best form of decision making is gut instinct.
  • The only way you can hone your decision-making skills is by being in a position where you have to make decisions.
  • We all need a boss who can bolster us when we feel down.
  • Great leaders don’t grab the limelight.  They push it onto others.
  • You have to plough your own furrow.
  • Everyone at the top of the business should spend two years in sales and marketing.
  • The only way to be SEEN as successful is to BE successful.
  • Success is a result of focus and hard work.
  • Once you are successful it’s easy to stay successful because your reputation gains you support.

Jamie Shepperd

  • Even if you have a system and a process you have to treat clients as individuals
  • All challenges – like in our case regulation – create opportunities – others can’t handle it and so sell out to us
  • I don’t get stressed – I do what I do and I’ve recruited a good senior team who do what they do well

Craig Marshall

  • Rather than trying to be impressive, you need to be able to be impressed by your team.
  • Changing your mind is OK too.
  • It is important to understand the difference between management and leadership. Managing is about managing complexity and achieving stability.  Leadership is about inspiring others and driving change.
  • Is management or leadership more important? Both are essential. Great leadership is built upon good management. You need management first.
  • Is it better to be over-managed and under-led or over-led and under-managed? The first won’t go anywhere, the latter will be chaos.
  • When you add to the truth you subtract from it.

Liz Jackson

  • Life should be an adventure.
  • I spend most of my day at work so I want it to be interesting.
  • I love selling. I love work.
  • I cannot understand the joy in retiring.
  • If you think you can or if you think you can’t you’re bound to be right.
  • Be nice to geeks – you’ll probably end up working for one.
  • Leaders are interesting and interested – they think out of the box.
  • Leaders are hardworking servants.
  • Leaders have a single-minded determination to make a difference and the self-belief to know they can.
  • I love recessions.  They drive you to be leaner, smarter and to stand out from the competition.
  • Getting better at what you do happens more in the bad times than the good.
  • We close our eyes and imagine where we want to be in 1, 3 and 5 years and then we set goals.
  • If you’re focused you will always be unpopular with some people.
  • You don’t become successful without getting on and doing something.
  • Success brings problems.
  • I love to help people.
  • Equal partnerships don’t work. They always end in tears.

Written by Bob Bradley, founder of MD2MD

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