Key Features of Effective Communication

One of our most memorable speakers was Kelly Marks demonstrating Horse Whispering. A fascinating session using communicating with horses to illustrate how we communicate. And how much we communicate without intending to do so!

The Key Features of Effective Communication learning points that I felt readily transfer to the work environment were:

To communicate effectively:

  •     Recognise everyone is different. Try to communicate the same thing in at least three different ways.
  •     Make it easy by keeping it simple.
  •     Make yourself more interesting than a bunch of hay.
  •     Use the language of the recipient.
  •     Be clear with yourself what your intention is.
  •     Be purposeful not uncertain and vague.

And most importantly; when under pressure – eg When faced by a tough question: Create space for your right brain (intuition) to do its stuff.  Pause, Breathe. Think.

Written by Bob Bradley, founder of MD2MD.