It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top

It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top if you know how to connect at a deeper level with your team. Becoming an engaging leader is the secret to creating an engaged team that is willing to give you more of their discretionary time, attention and effort. Nikki Bush provides insights and frameworks to help you ditch complex management theory and speak human, with confidence.

In a recent MD2MD speaker session, led by Nikki, she emphasised the importance of teaming up with your team so it’s not all on you as a leader and so that you don’t feel alone. Below you will find Nikki’s three top tips on how you can do this.

1. Focus on your people

In a disruptive world, you need to be ramping up your people focus, by reinventing your one-to-ones and improving the quality of these WEEKLY check-ins. They should take no more than 7 to 15 minutes. Remember, it is not a job appraisal or review. If you would like to see Nikki’s framework for how to do this then please reach out to one of the MD2MD team who can put you in touch.

2. Have a go at crowdsourcing

Ideas and solutions don’t all have to come from you. You need to give more people authority and trust and reduce the barrier to entry for people to raise their hands and share their own ideas and solutions.

3. Pay intentional attention to your people

Attention is the rocket fuel for teams and you need to become a master at paying them deep intentional attention.


You can watch Nikki Bush’s top tips video for yourself here.

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