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Nikki Bush

Nikki is an award-winning speaker and 5 x best-selling author. Her insights and practical frameworks shift perspective, inspiring choice and action.

In 2019 Nikki was inducted as a Hall of Fame speaker, a lifetime achievement award and the first South African woman to receive this honour. In the same year she was recognised by the Ford Motor Company as a Woman with Drive. She is one of only 700 speakers in the world to hold the much coveted Certified Professional Speaker designation from the National Speakers Association in the USA.

Nikki is the ‘go to’ person for the media having fielded over 4 000 media interviews with weekly slots on radio and TV. Her latest book, Future-proof Yourself: how to win at work and life, was published by Penguin Random House in 2021. It is about dancing with disruption of any kind and was written for such a time as this.

Nikki works with senior leaders at the highest levels, together with their leadership teams. She is sometimes fondly referred to as a Talent Whisperer. In a nutshell, Nikki helps leaders to ditch complex management theory and ‘speak human’. A shift in leadership approach can shift the people culture in a team or an organisation, quickly, without having to do a time-consuming overhaul of the company mission, vision and values before taking action.

Whether you are wanting to level up when it comes to people, positioning or promise, Nikki Bush has the answers.

Comments from members:

  • Nikki’s very personal story enabled me to deepen my thinking to broaden my perspective and to ‘try’ to be more comfortable with the not knowing! Nikki is an excellent speaker, very engaging and thought provoking.
  • Nikki had a very good delivery style which helped the impact of the session.
  • Fantastic info and well presented. Nikki provided new perspectives on old wisdom that helped me construct a different approach to dealing with teams.
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