Is your brand distinctive? Do you stand out from the crowd? Are you remarkable?

Many speakers at MD2MD meetings and I suspect most coaches and mentors discuss with their clients how they stand out in a crowded marketplace.  And during the sales and marketing process it’s especially difficult as it can only be about perception at that stage.  Even if the experience you deliver is exceptional potential buyers haven’t yet experienced it so how do you convey that on a website? Whilst it’s not unique to them, it’s especially difficult in Professional Services.

By way of example, how many lawyers endeavour to differentiate through trying to convey one or more of the following key messages:

  • ‘we care about our customers’
  • ‘we’re nice people’
  • ‘we deliver responsive customer service’
  • ‘we’re experts’
  • ‘we’ve done the same for someone else’
  • ‘we’ve been around a long time’

Unfortunately every law firm will be trying to convey the same message whether true or not.

And I’m afraid rather than share business leader tips as is usual on this site, this article isn’t to offer a solution, tip or a technique.

Instead this article is simply to empathise with the difficulty of the challenge we business leaders face by sharing a superb spoof video that illustrates superbly how even the big brands with mega budgets struggle to be distinctive.

A generic brand video

Written by Bob Bradley, founder of MD2MD.

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