Internal terrorists or psychic vampires – do you have them in your organisation?

It is amazing the damage one individual can make to an organisation.  You may know the one (or, if you are really unlucky, there may be more than one).  It is the person who always seems to be challenging decisions, coming up with reasons not to move forward, inciting unrest among the other members of the team, underperformers or those who just emit vibes of negativity.

During one of MD2MD’s past group meetings of business leaders, Nigel Risner, author of ‘The IMPACT Code’ and “Peak Performance’ DVD demonstrated, through a Kinesiology technique, the powerful impact of positive and negative energy on a group of people, and how one person’s negativity is more powerful than the positive energy being displayed by everyone else.

Often, you will be able to identify these internal terrorists by considering who in your team;

You trust?

You like?

You trust AND like?

Then decide who is holding you back.

This process can be applied to all areas of your life. When thinking about who you see socially, do they give off positive energy? Do you like and trust them?

If the answer is no, Nigel suggests you inspire or fire them, and surround yourself with people who inspire you and make you feel positive and energized.

Written by Bob Bradley, founder of MD2MD.