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Employee dismissal
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An important part of managing your workforce is knowing when an employee needs dismissing. As speaker Darren Maw discussed at a recent MD2MD event, most seasoned managers and business leaders will have experienced this at one point or another throughout their managerial careers. An employee unwilling or incapable of performing their required duties becomes a drain on your company’s resources,

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Recruitment advice
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The recruitment arena is changing. A recent discussion with Mark Denton, Managing Director of Zenopa,  highlighted this shift in recruitment power. Traditionally, employers have always had the upper hand over job applicants. It was the role of the applicant to offer their services to a company and to make a convincing case for their uptake. Recently, however, this traditional recruitment

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Business StrategyStrategy & Leadership

If you’re still using email to manage team projects, you’re way behind the curve. The project management tools described here enable you to get a bird’s eye overview of your team’s activity, as well as see the finer detail. Which one you prefer to use will be a matter of business requirements and personal taste, but all of them will

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MarketingSales & Marketing

Marketing is in the midst of a seismic shift in power, and businesses must be versatile about how they engage prospective customers in order to remain current. A successful marketing campaign is no longer about the quick sale. It must build brand awareness and inspire confidence, developing a long-term strategy for attracting and converting customers. With the economy tight and

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MD2MD People Management
Effective managementPeople & Management

The temptation to poach highly-qualified employees from your competitors can seem undeniable at times. On paper, the advantages of doing this are many. You are robbing your competition of valued team members, debilitating their operating strength. At the same time, you are gaining a qualified, fully-trained and potentially experienced employee for your own team. You already know the value of

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Managing Conflict
Leadership & ambitionLeadership & growth

Nobody enjoys conflict, least of all between board members, but it happens. Conflict deflects people away from what matters in the business and onto the purely personal. Festering resentments can profoundly undermine company performance, so it’s essential to resolve them as soon as possible. You could engage a professional mediator, and that can help, but with the help of the

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Disruptive Technologies
Business Strategy

“Disruptive technology” is a one of those phrases that everybody uses and nobody really explains. To remedy this, let’s look at the concept of disruptive technology and its potential consequences, before discussing some of the future trends in disruptive technology for the coming year. What is disruptive technology? A disruptive technology, or “big bang disrupter” is a form of technology

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Becoming a new leader can be an incredibly exciting prospect, but alongside this excitement comes the great difficulty of building trust amongst your fellow colleagues. Here are some useful tips to help you become a successful leader within your new team. Get To Know Your Team This point may seem obvious, but it is fundamental when leading a new team.

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