Why should a Managing Director attend an MD2MD meeting?

The best people to advise on the benefits of attending a MD2MD meeting are guests who’ve attended before. So before reading MD2MD’s view why not listen to what people like you that have attended in the past have to say about attending a meeting as our guest.

What’s in it for YOU?

  • An enjoyable, interesting and, most importantly, valuable day of learning with and from fellow business leaders.
  • Build relationships with a wide range of Managing Directors from different sectors
  • Understand the different perspectives of other leaders with diverse backgrounds, personalities, values and opinions
  • Discuss your own challenges – in confidence – with others who are, like you, in a position of responsibility, but who can be independent and objective about your world
  • Develop your understanding of leadership through real world discussions
  • Leave with practical thoughts, tips and tools you can apply in your business

…and as every wise leader is cautious about being offered a free lunch, what’s in it for MD2MD? Why do we invest in offering you such a valuable day with our compliments?

  • The value of MD2MD is better experienced and demonstrated than explained.
  • We believe you’ll recognise how valuable membership can be in driving the success of your business and want to continue so will join
  • Even if MD2MD isn’t for you, we’ll have raised our brand profile and you might just reciprocate the goodwill by introducing us to someone else.
  • Members will have extended their network of senior contacts to include you

What happens at MD2MD meetings?

A typical meeting includes two main components

  • Confidential peer challenge board discussion where you will debate real business challenges with your fellow business leaders
  • A practical workshop led by a top professional speaker to develop a specific aspect of leadership best practice

Words don’t do justice to the power of MD2MD so please complete the form below to accept your invite to experience the process and culture for yourself and meet some long-standing members from around the country. Or if you prefer, or if you have any questions, look around this site or simply email events@MD2MD.co.uk with your details / question or call us on 01865 600 800.