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Wayne Clarke

Wayne Clarke is the founding partner of the GGI, based out of the UK/Netherlands. From 2007 until 2012 he was the managing partner of the advisory arm of Best Companies, who produce the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies lists.

He began his career at Arthur Andersen and went on to lead employee engagement for BDO, the fifth largest accounting network, who achieved a top 20 ranking in the Sunday Times Best Companies lists. Wayne is an economics graduate and has spent over 20 years helping to improve the performance of organisations through improved people engagement. He works throughout the world designing and delivering strategic growth focused programmes within the private and public sector. To date he has worked with more than 700 CEOs/boards and thousands of managers in over 30 countries.

Wayne is an international keynote speaker and has been recognised for 4 years by HR Magazine as one of the top 25 “Most Influential Thinkers” in the world. Wayne is a visiting lecturer on the MBA and International Business Masters programme at Cass Business School in London and Dubai. In 2012 at the New York JCI/UN Partnership Summit, he was formally recognised as a JCI Ambassador for his work in promoting the principles of JCI and the United Nations Foundation; previous recipients of this ambassadorship include former UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki Moon.

Comments from members:

  • Created an open platform for discussion, I enjoyed listening to the groups thoughts and experiences.
  • Provided ideas that I could translate to some problems that I didn’t realise that I had.
  • He was thought provoking by giving theoretical statements and providing examples and stories to back up his ideas.
  • Provided the “headlines” of the key elements to create a great organisation.
  • Provided global and wide reaching examples that made the “model” and the “statement” credible.
  • Made it interactive.  Some of the points made me realise what we do well and what we are not so good at.
  • Made me think about how to deliver high performing teams.
  • Reaffirmed what I was trying to do and drive is generally in the right direction even though I am nowhere near perfect.
  • Helped to reflect on how to best engage colleagues – one size doesn’t fit all.
  • Made me think about the important aspects of Leadership, great anecdotes!
  • Good real life stories and gave plenty of examples from successful businesses.
  • Gave a few examples of books / articles to read and gave opportunities for discussions.
  • Highlighted the importance of optimising your time and better meetings lead to better results.
  • Really practical tips to improve engagement. 12 Pillars of world class management.
  • Practical examples and shared personal experiences. Not just theory.
  • Provided simple images and memorable stories to bring the presentation to life.
  • He made me think about how I lead my team.
  • Provided case studies and examples to put things into context.
  • Articulated real world examples to theoretical subject matter.
  • Excellently delivered and the content was very useful.
  • It was great!
  • Good quality and subject matter from the speaker.
  • Good range of ideas delivered in an interesting but concise manner.
  • Very refreshing.
  • Was very helpful and interesting.
  • High energy, inspirational speaker with a wealth of personal experiences in large corporations to back up his assertions. Very credible.
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