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  • Sales and Marketing

Warren Knight

Top 100 Global Influencer, Digital Transformation (DX) Strategist, award-winning technology entrepreneur, blogger and author of Think #Digital First with over 10 years experience online.

Warren’s vision is to help 100,000 global businesses successfully go through a profound digital transformation of their business and organisational sales and marketing activities by 2020.

To reach this goal, Warren is helping create a radical rethinking through his certified training and professional speaking, on how organisations use technology in pursuit of building brand awareness and new revenue streams.

Comments from members:

  • Warren provided a book – I need time to digest!
  • Warren helped my understanding about content equally value e.g. articles and experience not product and service.
  • The reference to specific tools, think about ROI from digital marketing.
  • He got me thinking around campaigns and how to target people to get the best results.
  • Warren re-emphasized my concerns, gave great tips to improve our lead generation and our prospect – customer.
  • The reminder of areas we need to improve.
  • He explained the triggers and concepts of how the engines and platforms interact.
  • Initially challenged what digitally is holding us back.
  • Made me look more intently at end to end customer journey and how I can influence the strategy to improve that journey.
  • I liked the list of tools in his book and the talk through improvements for website was very helpful.
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