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Roger Martin-Fagg

Roger began his career as an Economist with the New Zealand Treasury in 1972, then as Economist to the Air Transport and Travel Industry Industrial Training Board. In 1975 he was asked to design and run a postgraduate programme in Airline Management for British Airways which ran very successfully for 12 years at Thames Valley University.

In 1987 he joined Henley Management College to design, deliver and teach bespoke strategic management programmes. This he did for 21 years covering all sectors, but with an emphasis on Financial Services, House builders and newly privatised Utilities.

For the past seven years, Roger has worked as an Independent Behavioural Economist. He is visiting faculty at Warwick, Ashridge, Henley and Duke Business Schools. He has been External Examiner at The University of Bath, and visiting faculty at the Bank of England and the Institute of Marketing.

He specialises in making economics accessible for non-economists and helping boards think through their Strategy. He leads workshops, seminars, and delivers keynote sessions. He has worked in the USA, Middle East, Russia and SE Asia.

His book Making Sense of the Economy is in its fourth reprint, and he publishes a quarterly economic update which is read by 1200 Chief Executives.

He has a reputation for making the complex simple, producing accurate forecasts, and is one of a few Economists with a keen sense of humour.

In his spare time he is a Veteran Oarsman at Marlow Rowing Club and plays keyboards in a Rock Band.

Comments from Members:

  • Extending my understanding of the basics of the behavioural economics Roger champions, and confirming my opinion of its reality. I reset, or at least understood my “anchor” after the first session, and have witness what was predicted since and now have an even stronger anchor after this session!
  • Really good session – well laid out and explained. 
  • This expanded my knowledge of economics and then put it straight into an applied situation.
  • All very thought-provoking. I guess what sets Roger apart is his pragmatic and opinionated (good thing!) stance. great presentation, authoritative, well constructed, handled questions really well.
  • Level of optimism (assuming no lockdown) for next year. Thought process of creative destruction cycle and how it might impact what we do around accelerating our own automation etc.
  • To see where we’re at now through an experts eyes and not just the BBC news. To have a rounded and fully explained view of what we’ve got coming in the next 18 months. Invaluable!
  • Roger made it relevant, backed up what he was saying. Was a really nice, decent chap to listen to. I liked him hugely and respected everything I heard. Thank you Bob!!
  • Good thought-provoking speaker with clear arguments backed up by sound modern economic analysis. I thought the whole thing worked extremely well.
  • Roger’s sweeping assertions are always backed up with cold hard evidence and he explains complex economic models in an accessible and often entertaining way.
  • Yet another illuminating perspective of the global economy. Roger’s positive outlook was a refreshing change.
  • Fairly faultless to be honest. Martin is fantastic.
  • It was really interesting and very useful. Thank you.
  •  Roger is always excellent and today was no disappointment. Nothing to improve!
  •  Clear explanation of economics for relative beginners like me… but with his own insights on top.
  • A very compelling presentation from Roger, he had an answer for the questions asked.
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