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Lynda Bailey

Lynda Bailey launched Talking Menopause in 2017 to increase menopause awareness, education, and support in the workplace to all employees across a broad range of organisations.

Lynda’s passion for this work is borne out of her own experience of menopause whilst working as an Inspector in West Midlands police. Like so many others her symptoms were overwhelming leaving her struggling to understand how she could continue to carry out her role. Lynda had a supportive manager who may not have been fully alive to menopause and its impact but was supportive to her as an individual. It made a big difference.

Being acutely aware of menopause and its impact at work, Lynda, as a leader in the organisation, felt a responsibility to make menopause support at work accessible for all. She believes menopause firmly sits within diversity, inclusion, and gender equality.

As testament to her work, the West Midlands police support group she set up is still thriving helping menopausal employees navigate a way through their symptoms. Lynda won the West Midlands police diamond award for diversity for her menopause work. This was the first time the award had been given for menopause.

Lynda now uses her management experience, knowledge of effective working practices and menopause education to support other organisations to be menopause confident.

In February 2022 Lynda was invited to give evidence to the Women and Equalities Select Committee menopause inquiry and has also appeared on ITV Central news.

About the Company

Talking Menopause was set up in 2017 by Sarah Davies, then Business Manager at Menopause Doctor and Lynda Bailey, a former West Midlands Police Inspector and leader of an award-winning menopause programme within the police force.

After being introduced by Dr Louise Newson, GP and one of the UK’s leading menopause experts, and sharing similar experiences, Sarah and Lynda noticed a lack of menopause awareness and confidence across organisations thus Talking Menopause was created.

Talking Menopause aims to be the solution to positively impact a culture change in organisations around menopause. They are a team of experienced consultants, including business coaches and menopause professionals and are all committed to raising awareness and confidence of menopause in the workplace.

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