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Kate Mercer

Kate Mercer, of Leaders Lab, helps to make organisations much more successful by showing them how to structure themselves as they grow. She is also the author of A Buzz in the Building: How to build and lead a brilliant organisation. The book outlines straightforward principles for organising and growing businesses, and addresses issues simply, practically and directly.

Often, a business is held back because the leader doesn’t understand how to organise it as it grows. They don’t know how to engage everyone in playing their part, and so they end up trying to manage everything themselves. It’s stressful and often unsuccessful. Kate helps people in growing organisations to clarify their changing roles. Together, they agree exactly what the business needs from each role and exactly what good looks like. The outcome is that everyone in the organisation is working towards the same goals and knows exactly what is expected of them.

She has worked with teams in organisations at all stages but all of them had something in common – they knew that they could achieve more. From brand new teams just setting up, to established teams who need a reset, Kate will work with you to develop the structure, skills and action plans you need to take your organisation to the next level, and make it really successful.

If you know your business could achieve more, and you suspect you’re missing a trick, reach out to Kate via LinkedIn or ask one of us and we can put you in touch!


Comments from members:

  • Clear, practical advice and appropriate for the size of organisation I work for.
  • It felt as though it addressed my situation in real time.
  • I enjoyed hearing of Kates experiences, many of which were very familiar. It was great to hear some of my gut feelings being so well expressed.
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